“NEW”100% ORGANIC COCO Coir/COCO Peat Hidroponic Media,Highest Quality 1/2 litre


“NEW”100% ORGANIC COCO Coir/COCO Peat Hidroponic Media,Highest Quality 1/2 litre

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Coco Coir/ Coco Peat Hidroponic growing media 100% Organic/High Quality 1/2 litre,(1/10 galon)

The highest quality expanded coco coir with of very fine size. Suitable for seeds, seedlings and cuttings.

Unlike coco bricks, this media is guaranteed to have a zero salt level as it has been washed three times with fresh water during production. This is a huge benefit over regular coco blocks which are washed with salt water and contain excessive salt (sodium chloride).

The coco coir is also buffered with calcium and magnesium so that these minerals will not be absorbed by the coco and slow your plant’s growth.

1Package include:

1/2 liter (1/10 galon) Coco Coir (coconut peat)!!!

Coconut Peat proved to be an excellent substrate for blending with any other substrate.

Coconut Peat (world known as coco peat or coco coir) is a completely organic substrate 
that is not harmful to the environment and which is, in fact, a mixture of fine coconut peat
and coconut fiber obtained extracted from the coconut shell.
Studies have shown that coconut peat is a much more efficient, economical and long-lasting product than other substrates.
In addition, it is also a very good alternative as regards environmental and environmental protection,
since it comes from sustainable and renewable sources.
Coconut peat has an extraordinary absorption capacity, high water retention capacity (up to 1000%),
which contributes to keeping nutrients much longer in the root zone, which also means less watering.

Coconut fiber has a pH value of 5.5 to 6.8, so there is no need to make any corrections from the point of view
of accessibility of macro and microelements.



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