“NEW form CUBE” 1/2litre(0.1gallon)CUBES GROWING MEDIA (1cmx1cm)


“NEW form CUBE” 1/2litre(0.1gallon)CUBES GROWING MEDIA (1cmx1cm)

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"new form the cube"

represents the latest substrate for growing in pots or troughs.
is a blend of flaky mineral wool and polyurethane flakes.


  • It is a stonewool substrate.
  • Roots thrive in this mixture which explains it popularity.
  • It offers the grower a good air to water ratio and excellent nutrient retention.
  • It is a very good hydroponic grow media for GHE AquaFarm and/or WaterFarm systems.
  • Granulation of the cube( 1 cm X 1 cm).You can crush it to the desired granulation

This innovative substrate prevents contamination and development of various fungal diseases in the substrate
substrate mixture, as it does not contain any recycled materials. The mineral wool contained in this mixture contains only mineral binders which,
note, do not contain acetyl and formaldehyde. Organic microorganisms that are necessary for strong and vital development
are also added to the substrate mixture. Since this substrate contains the optimal ratio of PU flakes and stone wool,
the ideal ratio of water availability and oxygen availability is achieved.

1Package include:1/2 litre(0.1 gallon) Bags with cube granulation 1cm x 1cm.

Speed ​​Grow Cubes lean against one another leaving more air space (which improves aeration of the substrate),
which is very favorable for the root system of most plant specie


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