Drake’s Yodels (6-Boxes)



The delicious Yodels were rolled out in 1962, continuing the line of delicious frosted crème filled cakes that Drake’s is famous for. Originally distributed exclusively on the east coast of the United States, Monroe is helping to ensure the Yodel is accessible to everyone! Yodels are a Devils food cake, rolled with a layer of rich, Drake’s vanilla-flavored crème and enrobed in Drake’s thick, rich frosting. Monroe now offers individually wrapped, tasty treats that help make the workplace into a cleaner, more sanitary environment for employees. Each box contains five twin-wrapped packages. Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union. We guarantee every product will be delivered well within the manufacturer’s recommended use by, sell by, best by or expiration date. Drake’s Cakes Yodels, 10 cakes per box, 11.16 oz of Rolled Devil’s Food Cakes (6-Boxes)


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